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Short papers

We thank the authors of the 47 short papers submitted to DocEng'08. Given the high standard of the submissions, a number of very good papers could not be accommodated within the overall constraints of the program. The 19 short paper accepted are listed bellow.

  • A Content-based Approach for Document Representation and Retrieval - Antonio Rinaldi
  • A Visual Approach for Modeling Spatiotemporal Relations - Rodrigo Laiola Guimarães, Carlos Soares Neto, Luiz Fernando Soares
  • An Export Architecture for a Multimedia Authoring Environment - Mikáč Jan, Cécile Roisin, Bao Le Duc
  • An Optical Character Recognition Approach to Qualifying Thresholding Algorithms - Margaret Sturgill, Steven Simske
  • Constructing a Know-How Repository of Advices and Warnings from Procedural Texts - Lionel Fontan, Saint-Dizier Patrick
  • Document Logs: A distributed approach to metadata for better security and flexibility - Michael Gormish, Greg Wolff, Kurt Piersol
  • End-user editing of interactive multimedia documents - Maria da Graca Pimentel, Renan Cattelan, Erick Melo, Cesar Teixeira
  • Expressive, Efficient, Embedded, and Component-based XML-Java Data Binding Framework - Zachary Toups, Andruid Kerne, Blake Dworaczyk, and Madhur Khandelwal
  • Fast Identification of Visual Documents Using - Eduardo Valle, Matthieu Cord, Sylvie Philipp-Foliguet
  • Identifying and Tagging Titles in Web Texts - Clementine Adam, Estelle Delpech, Saint-Dizier Patrick
  • Online ancient documents: Armarius - Reim Doumat, Elöd Egyed-Zsigmond, Jean-Marie Pinon, Emese Csiszar
  • PDF document restoration and optimization during image enhancement - Hui Chao, Carl Staelin, Sagi Schein, Marie Vans, John Lumley
  • A Rotation Method for Binary Document Images Using DDA Algorithm, Thanh Nguyen
  • Segmentation of Overlapping Cursive Handwritten Digits - Carlos Mello, Edward Roe, Everton Lacerda
  • Semantic Impact Graphs for Information Valuation - Sinan al-Saffar and Gregory Heileman
  • Similarity of XML Schema Definitions - Irena Mlýnková
  • Summarizing and Referring: Towards Cohesive Extracts - Patrícia Nunes Gonçalves, Lúcia Rino, Renata Vieira
  • The CONCUR Framework for Community Maintenance of Curated Resources - Patrick Schmitz
  • Tracking Sub-Page Components In Document Workflows - James A. Ollis, Steven R. Bagley and David F. Brailsford