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We thank the authors of the 14 papers submitted to the DocEng'08 Demos Track. A number of very good demonstrations could not be accommodated within the overall constraints of the program given the high standard of the submissions: the decisions were especially difficult. The 6 demonstrations accepted are listed bellow.

  • A Demonstration of a Configurable Editing Framework - John Lumley, Roger Gimson, Owen Rees
  • Image Collection Taxonomies for Photo-Book Auto-Population with Intuitive Interaction - Pere Obrador
  • Playback of Mixed Multimedia Document - Cyril Concolato, Jean Le Feuvre
  • Scalable Multimedia Documents for Digital Radio - Benoit Pellan
  • A prototype documenter system for medical grand rounds - Renato Bulcão Neto,
    Jose Camacho-Guerrero, Alessandra Macedo
  • An Office Document Mashup for Document-Centric Business Processes - John Boyer,
    Eric Dunn, Maureen Kraft, Jun Liu, Mihir Shah, He Feng Su