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MTAP Journal Special Issue

September 18 2008 Announcement:

Seven papers invited to publish extended versions at the MTAP Special Issue:
  • Adaptation of Scalable Multimedia Documents - Benoit Pellan, Cyril Concolato
  • Authoring Adaptive Diagrams- Cameron McCormack, Kim Marriott, Bernd Meyer
  • An Exploratory Mapping Strategy for Web-Driven Magazines - Fabio Giannetti
  • Enabling Adaptive Time-based Web Applications with SMIL State - Jack Jansen, Dick Bulterman. Best Paper Award
  • Improving Query Performance on XML Documents: A Workload-Driven Design Approach - Rebeca Schroeder, Ronaldo Mello
  • Merging Changes in XML Documents Using Reliable Context Fingerprints - Sebastian Rönnau, Christian Pauli, Uwe Borghoff
  • Two algorithms for automatic document page layout - Joao Oliveira

May 9 2008 Announcement:

  • Special Issue of Multimedia Tools and Applications Journal with best papers of the ACM DocEng'08 will be published in the Spring 2009.
  • Authors of the best papers presented at DocEng 2008 will be invited to submit a substantially extended version for their work to the special issue.
  • Multimedia Tools and Applications
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    Editor-in-Chief: Borko Furht
    ISSN: 1380-7501 (print version)
    ISSN: 1573-7721 (electronic version)
    Journal no. 11042
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