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Full papers

We thank the authors of the 62 papers submitted to DocEng'08. The standard of papers submitted was high, and the decisions were especially difficult. As a result, a number of very good papers could not be accommodated within the overall constraints of the program. The 21 full paper accepted are listed bellow.

  • Adaptation of Scalable Multimedia Documents - Benoit Pellan, Cyril Concolato
  • An Exploratory Mapping Strategy for Web-Driven Magazines - Fabio Giannetti
  • Authoring Adaptive Diagrams- Cameron McCormack, Kim Marriott, Bernd Meyer
  • Automated Repurposing of Implicitly Structured Documents - Helen Balinsky, Anthony Wiley, Michael Rhodes, Alfie Abdul-Rahman
  • Automatic Keyphrase Extraction from Scientific Documents by using N-gram Filtration Technique - Niraj kumar , Kannan Srinathan
  • Configurable Editing of XML-based Variable-Data Documents - John Lumley, Roger Gimson, Owen Rees
  • Enabling Adaptive Time-based Web Applications with SMIL State - Jack Jansen, Dick Bulterman
  • Higher-level Layout through Topological Abstraction - Angelo Di Iorio, Luca Furini, Fabio Vitali, John Lumley, Anthony Wiley
  • Improving Query Performance on XML Documents: A Workload-Driven Design Approach - Rebeca Schroeder, Ronaldo Mello
  • Interactive Office Documents: A New Face for Web 2.0 Applications - John Boyer
  • Intermedia Synchronization Management in DTV Systems - Romualdo Costa, Marcelo Moreno, Luiz Fernando Soares
  • Malan: A Mapping Language for the Data Manipulation - Arnaud Blouin, Olivier Beaudoux, Stéphane Loiseau
  • Matching XML Documents in Highly Dynamic Applications - Adrovane Kade, Carlos Heuser
  • Merging Changes in XML Documents Using Reliable Context Fingerprints - Sebastian Rönnau, Christian Pauli, Uwe Borghoff
  • Multimedia Adaptation in Ubiquitous Environments: Benefits of Structured Multimedia Documents - Pablo Cesar, Ishan Vaishnavi, Ralf Kernchen, Stefan Meissner, Cristian Hesselman, Matthieu Boussard
  • No Mining, No Meaning: Relating Documents across Repositories with Ontology-Driven Information Extraction Hernan Astudillo, Víctor Codocedo
  • PrintMonkey: Giving Users a Grip on Printing the Web - Jennifer Baldwin
  • Satisficing Scrolls: A shortcut to satisfactory layout - Nathan Hurst
  • Towards Brazilian Portuguese Automatic Text Simplification Systems - Sandra Aluísio, Lucia Specia, Thiago Pardo, Erick Maziero, Renata Fortes
  • Towards extending and using SPARQL for modular document generation - Faisal Alkhateeb, Sébastien Laborie
  • Two algorithms for automatic document page layout - Joao Oliveira