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Document engineering is the  computer science discipline that investigates systems for documents in any form and in all media. As with the relationship between software engineering and software, document engineering is concerned with principles, tools and processes that improve our ability to create, manage, and maintain documents. The ACM Symposium on Document Engineering is an annual meeting of researchers active in document engineering: it is sponsored by ACM by means of the ACM SIGWEB Special Interest Group.

DocEng 2008 is the eighth edition, after previous anual meetings at Winnipeg (Canada), Amsterdam (NL), Bristol (UK), Milwaukee-WI (USA), Grenoble (France), McLean-VA (USA), and the first one, in Atlanta-GA (USA). All previous DocEng Proceedings are available at the ACM Digital Library. Further information is available at the web site.

The 2008 edition is sponsored by ACM SIGWEB and in-cooperation with ACM SIGDOC, with support from the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC), Adobe, HP, Microsoft, Ricoh and Xerox.